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NARS Sheer Glow VS Estée Lauder Double Wear

I’ve always been a foundation girl, but finding the right foundation for my skin has always been a problem. Whether it’s finding the correct shade for my skin, or finding a foundation that simply lasts all day, it’s always been a nightmare!

Like most girls, I was always a MAC Studio Fix Fluid girl and was scared to try something new. It gives great coverage and lasts all day, but as my makeup collection grew so did my foundation collection. After venturing into different brands I noticed that maybe my MAC foundation actually made me look like a dry orange (my closest shade is NC42).

Everyone raves about Estee Lauder Double Wear so I eventually decided to try it. I had my colour tested in store (Golden Honey) and couldn’t wait out try it out. It’s on the pricey side of the market at £31, but let me tell you now, it’s definitely worth the money. The packaging is sleek but simple. I would say its full coverage, but doesn’t feel cakey on my face as my skin can still breathe. It does tend to stick to dry patches at times, so I wouldn’t recommend anyone with dry skin to use this but with a good primer and moisturiser this shouldn’t be a problem. It gives a matte finish but my face doesn’t look flat. My favourite thing about this foundation is that it lasts all day, with no touch ups needed. The only thing I can really complain about is the fact that it doesn’t come with a pump which can tend to be messy and annoying at times. For the price of the foundation, I don’t feel like I should have to pay for an extra pump. I can honestly recommend this foundation. It quickly turnt into my go to foundation for a full on flawless look.

 Another said to be holy-grail foundation is the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. My closest shade is Barcelona which is just a tad too light for my skin so usually mix it with Suracuse. It also retails for £31 which is a high end price for a foundation but its high end quality goes without saying. A lot of people are scared by the name of ‘Sheer Glow’ because they assume the foundation will not have much coverage. I would say this foundation is a medium coverage (but buildable) and gives a slight dewy glow. I have had some problems with this foundation as it’s quite dewy it seems to move around a lot. Primer and fixing spray does the job but still does not make it last all day. It’s a beautiful foundation but doesn’t last for more than 4 hours. I simply didn’t have the time to keep touching it up. I usually use this if I don’t want a full on look, just a light touch up when my skin doesn’t need full coverage.
So both foundations are good depending on what you’re looking for. I love them both, for different reasons and they both have their pros and cons. Go and try yours! 


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