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Dealing With Change 

Change is inevitable. Adjusting is what may seem to be the problem. Whether you’ve just moved house, started a new job or even had a baby, adjusting to something you’re not used to is never easy. Sometimes your comfort zone feels like the best place to be.

Looking back, how many times have you been thrown in the deep end with change, and never understood why it happened for the best until now? Life has a funny way of working.

Sometimes what you need in life is not in your comfort zone. Why settle for what you have if you know, with a few changes, you can have better? You should never let your comfort zone stop you!

Ask yourself, what would you do if you weren’t afraid? Travel the world? Start a business? Now ask yourself what’s stopping you? Because you’re afraid of being out of your comfort zone? Afraid of failing? Imagine the possibilities if you had more belief in your future of change.

Change is sometimes hard to adjust to depending on what it is that’s changing, but the best thing to do is trust that what’s happening is for your futures best interest. It may feel strange or it may even hurt now. But how do you know you’re not letting go of something for you to bump into something better? 

Ill give you an example. I lived in a house where I was unhappy. It was far away from all my friends and family. It was difficult to get anywhere and I had the neighbours from hell. But I put up with it because despite all of these things, it was home. When my landlord told me he wanted to sell the property, it gave me a lump in my throat. The fact I had to move away from something I was so used to everyday made me feel lost. But soon after I found somewhere closer to my friends and family where I got quite close to my neighbours. Now I am much happier and I understand why life threw me into the deep end.

Instead of fighting the fact I had to move on I could of been intrigued by where I was going to move next. 

As one door closes a better door opens so have faith in the next door and be strong. There’s no use holding onto a door that has to be closed!

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