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Laura Mercier Foundation Primer -Radiance 

I’ve only recently got into primers as I’ve always thought they were a waste of money. I buy a new one from time to time to see if it helps the way my foundation sets or lasts and they’ve never really excited me. Until I fell in love with Laura Merciers Radiance Primer. It was a risk for someone who’s not a fan of primers as it retails at £29 which is a higher end choice as primers range from £5-£55.

As you can see it isn’t your typical clear or milky primer, it has a pretty pearly glow to it. This slight tint isn’t limited to a certain skin colour as the glow can go with any shade.

The thing I love about this primer the most is that it looks so beautiful even without foundation. It makes my skin glow. If I’m in a rush I put my primer on, then some I’m good to go. I also love the way it glows through my makeup too.

Some primers made me feel like I was wearing an extra shade of foundation, but this is so light and it doesn’t feel like my pours are being filed up.

Laura Mercier also do primers for all skin types so be sure to go in store and have test them all before picking one!

It’s a thumbs up from me Laura !

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