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Being A Young Mother

Hi, My names Michaela and I got pregnant at 17 years old.

What comes to mind? Slut, Stupid, Selfish?

All of these judgements made me hide in my room for 75% of my pregnancy. People would look at me in disgust, just stare and instead of ‘congrats’ it would always be a question about my age. I didn’t want to be around any of my family because I felt like they were disappointed in me. I knew my all friends cared about partying and makeup so I felt that I would be forgotten about in due time. It was a hard time for me.

Like most girls at the age of 17 these days, I had sex. Did no one know that sex made babies? Sure I should of been more careful but since the seed was planted why would I not let it grow? A baby is a blessing regardless of my age. No one seemed to understand what I was going through. And being so young I barely knew who I was myself.

But with no suprises, being pregnant was the easy part. After giving birth I knew the hard work would start, but for some reason the part of me that cared what people thought disapeared. My love for my daughter over ruled all. I knew I would prove them all wrong, but right at that moment I just wanted to take in my blessings and be a mum. I finally found who I was.

My life changed drastically and my priorities and responsibilities rearranged and grew. But I honestly enjoy being a mum more than anything! Watching them grow, teaching them and guiding them along the way, watching their own personality form, it’s literally the best feeling. 

I’m even more proud of where I am today because I have a little person looking up to me. Now that’s not to say that all young mums are amazing, I see some young mums who are not the best to say the least. But there are also so many mothers at the age of 30 who are worse. There’s no guide to being a good mum! So let’s take away the statement ‘young mum’ and just put everyone under ‘mother’ whether you’re 17 or 35, black or white, rich or poor. You still have an amazing blessing in your life. Everyone’s situation is different but why am I a bad mother because of my age? 

Fact is, I’m not. I’m an amazing mum and I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I’m setting an example for my daughter! 

So to anyone feeling discouraged or down because of what people have to say. Stay focused, stay happy and prove them wrong.

Loads of love a kisses to you all.

4 thoughts on “Being A Young Mother”

  1. This is beautiful, I always say age doesn’t define how good a person you are and it most definitely doesn’t define the sort of mother you’ll be to your baby! Keep blogging babe 👌🏾💖

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