Make Up, Skin Care

Elizabeth Arden purifying cleanser 

So I don’t usually see younger girls using Elizabeth Arden. I think their target audience is older women. But I don’t see why you wouldn’t give the same special treatment to younger skin?

I love how this product cleanses my skin but doesn’t make it feel dry or tingly like I’ve put a bunch of chemicals and products over my face. It just does its job leaving my face smooth, hydrated and cleansed.

I’ve tried so many cleaners that make my skin feel tight and and dry and it’s a real breathe of fresh air to come across a product so hydrating and simple. It hardly has a smell and I always feel like putting to much on you skin in order to clean it is always a bad idea.

I don’t use it everyday, maybe twice a week. I tend to switch up my products so my skin doesn’t get used to the product and it then becomes ineffective.

I have one con. If I am wearing a full coverage look, I need to wash this off with water in order for all of my makeup to wash off. But a cotton pad is fine for one layer of foundation, concealer and power.

Retails for £22.50 but it’s lasted me a good 6 months so far so it was well worth my money.

Yaaas. I love it!

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