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Benefit Ultra Radiance Mist

Benefit is known for its beautiful packaging. I always feel guilty for throwing away the box! I still have my box from the first time I brought this and I’m on my 3rd bottle. Im a big sucker for Benefit packaging.

If you suffer from dry skin then this is for you! One spray on my face and I instantly feel fresh and hydrated. I don’t have really dry skin but this stuff is my favourite especially in summer when I’m feeling hot and flustered. I’m very picky with smells as I don’t with anything too over baring or strong but this has such a nice refreshing-but not overbearing- smell and it makes you feel cool.

It does make my makeup stay in place a little longer, but not as long as a fixing spray. If your makeup tends to slide off then I will always recommend MAC Fix Plus. It also give instant any hydration but I wouldn’t say the hydration last for more than an hour. If you feel sometimes your makeup looks dry and cakey then I would give this a try. Gives an instant refreshed, put together look.

I know a lot of people use this mist as a prep for foundation – which I’m yet to try. But I can imagine this would work if you want something light weight and moisturising before applying anything harsh on the skin.

This is my favourite face mist (not setting spray) and I think I’ll be repurchasing next summer after my bottle runs out. Retails at £20.50. Overall this is a superior face mist in the face mist world and I really recommend it. 10/10!

Love love love ❤️

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