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How To Eat Well On A Budget

Everything that tastes good usually isn’t expensive. Chocolate, cookies, ice cream & cake are all examples. I could probably buy them all for under £5. But eating a healthy diet doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are my top 3 tips on looking after your diet on a budget!

1. Cook at home

I used to spend so much money on eating out even if it was a panini from Costa for 3.50, it all adds up and if you cut this down, you’ll save loads of dosh.

2. Plan your meals.

Before you go shopping, write a list of all the things you’ll eat for dinner and lunch for the week. Therefore you won’t go and buy loads of things you don’t need. Make sure you scan your fridges for what you already have before writing your list. Be strict with yourself and stick to it!

3. Save leftovers 

If you have food left over from the night before, why not eat it for lunch the next day. Saves you money AND most food usually tastes better the next day. Don’t throw it away, it’s basically throwing money away.

I hope this helps. The most important tip is that you all have a balanced diet. Too much of anything is not good. 

What are your tips for budgeting on food?

1 thought on “How To Eat Well On A Budget”

  1. I agree with all the above! We save a ton of money by planning ahead. We also recently started purchasing our groceries for pick up online. It’s helped us to see how much we’re going to spend each week – and then we can modify if we need to!


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