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MAC Goodies / MAC Badies

For me, MAC has a huge range of colour variety and that’s why I love it. Their products definitely give a full coverage, and offer a full range for all skin types. Some of their products are a hit and some are a miss for me.


All of their eye shadows –

I love them all, such a wide range of colour and extra pigmented. Can’t go wrong with a MAC eye shadow pallet. Love ❤️

MAC Fix + Spray –

My go to setting spray. Will always love this, doesn’t make my face feel tight or dry. Makes makeup stay in place and makes my foundation look more ‘skin like’.

MAC Lipglass’ –

Although some people don’t like MAC for lip products, their lipgloss range is so beautiful. If you want your lips to pop, a MAC lipgloss is the one for you. Although they are quite sticky, I terms of looks, they’re the best.  


MAC Foundations –

I’m sad to say it but MAC isn’t the best for foundations. They’re not terrible and have amazing coverage but they do tend to look cakey and get a tad dry. The plus is the fact that they have a wide range of colours. But MAC foundation just isn’t for me these days. Sorry MAC. Although this is my only baddie, I feel that a good foundation is the heart of a makeup line and it’s probably the most important for me.


Mac Studio Finish Concealer –

For highlighting eyebrows – great. But for my under eye highlight its a no from me. The stuff creases like mad! So I don’t tend to grab this for under my eyes. Although this has amazing coverage and can be used to cover pimples and scars easily.
So that’s all from me. Me and MAC have a love hate relationship on a whole. I have products I use everyday and products that I tend to stay away from. 

Hope this helps !

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