A Letter To Myself At 15.

Dear Kaylar, 

For starters: Mum is right, your contour does look like ashy mud on your cheeks. You don’t need so much foundation also πŸ˜‚

Your need to be loved and accepted in school and among friends is not important. People come and go, treat them all well because they all fight their own battles. Most of the friends you have now will not be around in the future. So don’t worry about the people who cut you off. It’s not your job to change people, and if someone shows you something about themselves, believe it. A friend that proves their untrustworthy? Don’t trust them. The mean things that people say about you now mean nothing. You probably won’t see any of the people who said them ever again.

That girl that hates you for no reason? Don’t take it personally, she’s jealous. She’s the first of many, so smile at her and kill her with kindness. Most girls feel intimidated when they see competition, but don’t worry you will never become that girl. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing you.

None of the respect you earn in school can buy you things in the future. So fucking listen in class!!! It’s not cool to be stupid, ever. Please just soak in all you can while you can because it’s so much harder to learn things in a few years BUT don’t take it all too seriously. I haven’t used anything in that maths class yet in life. Your grades look good on paper, so focus.

I know everyone keeps asking what you want to do with the rest of your life? It’s ok that you don’t know. Even when you think you know, you probably don’t. Explore your options and dream big.

And girl, that boy you’re crying over isn’t worth it. In fact, no boy is right now. Focus on finding yourself and build yourself up to be amazing. It hurts but it will happen again so let it make you strong πŸ’ͺ🏾 You’re better off waiting before having sex, although you won’t and you have an amazing blessing that will come out of it. So when the times right, you’ll know.

Your boobs and bum will grow as well as everywhere else and you won’t like it. So please just stop wishing for anything else than what you are, your figure is amazing. 

You will mess up, fail at things and feel miserable about it. You will do things that make you feel ashamed. From time to time, you will disappoint the people you love and who love you. Though it may not feel this way at the time: there is nothing you can’t come back from. Life is messy, so it’s ok if you are too. Save yourself the heart ache because amazing things are going to happen in your life. Whatever you do now will fill your heart up for the future so save yourself the trouble. 

But most of all, I love you and you will be fine! Trust and believe in yourself.


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