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Why Being Single Is Healthy

Being single is always seen as a negative thing in society these days. If you have someone who loves you and that you’re happy with then great, but it’s not a bad thing if you don’t! There are so many positive things that you can get out of being single.

1. You’re in charge of your happiness

People always assume that once your in a relationship that your other half takes care of your emotional needs. In fact, the source of a problematic relationship usually comes from the misplaced expectations that you or your partner should be doing to make the other happy. Being single means that you rely on yourself to do the things that make you happy. Much easier than relying on someone else! Since single people have to be more conscious of their needs, they develop the recourses to make their own happiness.

2. You may become more successful in your work

Without having to take into account what your parntner thinks you should do, you’re free to peruse your dreams however you want! Don’t think that single successful women do not have time for children and marriage. You have plenty of time for that in later life. Build yourself up now and focus on you!

3. You have time to find yourself

How are you meant to know what person matches you and your needs, if you don’t know yourself? In order to give selflessly to your partner, you must first have a secure identity that is not threatened by making room for your partner’s needs in addition to your own. Single people usually have a better sense of who they are. So work on it!

4. You have better friendships

You have one less person to worry about, so now you have more time to focus on the people you love. Your friends and family can grow a closer bond as you have nothing else to worry about! Having that group of people you care about and who care about you can be profoundly important, providing potential layers of support instead of investing all of your emotional capital into just one relationship.

So being single isn’t such a bad thing. Enjoy this time you have to love yourself, explore and grow! And remember: single is not a status, it’s a word that describes someone who is strong enough to live without depending on others.

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