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Should I Stay For The Sake of the Kids?

Divorce or breaking up with your partner is a difficult decision to make. Going forward with this decision will be stressful and hard no matter how you look at the situation and who is involved so I would always devise to work at a relationship before deciding to exit. 

Councelling, reading books, trying to talk things out are all ways to work towards making things better. Communication is always key to resolving relationship issues.

If there are children involved it can be even harder to make the decision whether to stay or leave. I will always agree that it takes a village to raise a child and deciding to do it alone is a big decision to make. No one wants to be a single mother/father & no one wants to deal with anything difficult alone. 

If you’re in an unhappy relationship with the parent of your child many things will pop into your head… ‘will my child hate me for leaving’ ‘can I cope alone’ ‘what if my child wants to stay with their mum/dad and not me’…. lets face it, it’s a hard decision to make. 

My personal opinion on this topic is that if you’re truly unhappy in your relationship, then leave. Happy parents raise happy children. You being unhappy will negatively effect your child whether you realise it or not. Do you want your child’s idea of a relationship to be how you and your partner are? Your son or daughter will pick up on negative energy whether you try and hide it or not. 

The worst thing you can do is feel guilty for what’s happened. Your happiness is in your hands so staying in an unhappy situation is your choice. 

As I mentioned, I always reccomend working on it first, but if you cannot see a future with this person, why wait till later life. Do what makes you happy, ALWAYS!

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