Why Being ‘Roadman’ Is No Longer Cool.

Before I continue writing this blog I’d like to state that I respect every type of hustle. Whether you work 9-5 or not, you need money to survive. Money gives you choice and freedom in this world we live in, so it’s impossible not to feel the pressure to want more! 

For most boys growing up in underprivileged homes or the ‘hood’ the pressure of being a man starts at a young age. The need to provide. No one wants to see their mother struggle. So even before they can work, they’re looking for ways to make money. And it’s not hard to start, growing up in areas where dirty money is seen being made just walking to the corner shop. 

So my first finger would usually point at the parents of the child- right? Did you not teach your child how this game ends? I have friends & family who are in jail or dead because they have felt the need to make money illegally. I would always teach my son to keep his head down, be patient and stay out of the drama. But as a mother to a daughter and not a son, I feel as if I cannot comment on this. Maybe it’s not in the parents hands, but maybe in the child’s surroundings when parents are not around (school, friendship groups.)

Now, in this situation, I 100% understand the pressure to make extra money. Seeing your mum struggle would pain anyone’s heart. But what about the men who were brought up in a stable, comfy home, who still feel the need to act as if they’re up to no good? For me this was the growing problem. Its almost become a fashion to be bad. 

This is partly shows me that the person has not yet found themselves. Music videos, films – it’s everywhere & its highly influential. Especially if these boys see it at school too. But why is it seen as cool to live this life (or at least look like you are.) Is it a trend to come from struggle?

My first question is: ‘What happens when you need a job and you have so many gaps on your cv, do you want to do this in your 30’s?’. The mentality of most of the boys that do ‘road’ is that they’re doing it so they can make it ‘out the hood’. But the sad part is, most of these boys don’t know what to do with money. They spend it on trainers and watches, they don’t save, they’re keeping up an image. If you were living this life to save to buy a shop or invest in a company, that’s smart (at least smarter). 

What happened to educating yourself and getting a stable job? It’s not instant, it takes times and it takes hard work. My first job was in MacDonald’s, and 3 years later, I have a healthy salaried job. How? Why? I worked hard and I stuck to it. And guess what, I do not plan to work for someone else my whole life, but I’m patient enough to know I’ll get there. Why is it so hard to have this mentality?

I will never understand, because I’m a female right. But guess what – I understand how your mum feels when you leave the house and she doesn’t know if you’re coming back. 

All mothers need to educate their sons. Instead of shielding them from the truth, tell them how badly it all ends. Be honest. And I think the young men of our day and age should really want better for themselves. There are other ways to win other than the options that risk your life!

Love always,


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