NXY Highlight And Contour Pro Palette 

I picked this up from Boots a few weeks ago. And I thought I’d share my opinion on the product. 

First of all, this is no where near a high end palette. For the price (£12) it’s amazing, but to be honest I’ve had better.

The Contour colours on this product are my favourite. Very very pigmented (so you need to do loads of blending) but I love the shades. If you’d like swatches, please comment below. 

My problem with this product is the highlighting shades…. they have very low coverage. Although for a quick makeup look they’d be just fine, if I wanted to really look the part, they wouldn’t cut. I do like the shimmery shade for cheekbones and below my eyebrows, but I use very little of it as this almost shows up white because it’s probably more pigmented than shimmery. I’d usually go for a gold shimmery colour for my highlight as I’m olive skinner. So for paler girls, the shimmery colour will probably work! 

I give this product a 7/10. Not perfect but good for the price and I still use it so it wasn’t a waste my money.

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