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Beautiful Princess Hair

Let’s face it, AliExpress is not the best place to go if you want good hair that does what it says on the tin. Unprocessed? Probably not. Human hair? Mmmmm just about.

Most AliExpress hair has a coting on it that makes it shiny & look good when you first get it but doesn’t last. Drug store hair is a good example of hair suppliers that use this method. The hair is usually also steamed. You must not think hair was chopped off of someone’s head in ‘Body Wave’ form did you?

I’ve received 4 20″ bundles and a 16 midle part closure from Beautiful Princess hair. My option on it? It’s not bad! I received it by TNT after 4 days and packaging is really cute.

This hair does not hold a curl & although it came in body wave form it’s more wavy. My curls lasted just about 6 hours. I haven’t straightened it yet so I will update this when I do. The ends were also a tiny bit thin so I cut half an inch off.

But, the hair does not tangle and is very silky. I’m not likely to believe this is unprocesed because the natural state of the hair is kinky and not big and wavy. If it was to hold a curl I wouldn’t turn it down. I used nearly all 4 bundles in my hair (I like my hair extra full).

My favourite part about this hair is the closure. It’s so pretty! And I didn’t have to bleach the knots or pluck anything.

I have straightened this hair many times and I have to admit I prefer it straight. Stays straight all day and looks amazing with a straightening balm after heat is applied.

This isn’t hair that will last forever, as after 2 months I wouldn’t use it again, but for a quick look I love this and will consider shopping here again.

Out of 10 I rate this hair a 7, but I think for AliExpress you can’t expect anything more. And for the price they offer, it’s good! Just search Beautiful Princess Hair on AliExpress and you’ll find it!

Good hair.

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