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NARS Body Glow

I have the biggest love hate relationship with this product.

First off, if you’re looking for a product to make you look sun kissed and extra glowing, don’t reach for this. This is not a sun tan lotion. This product is hardly tinted. From the outside it looks extra bronze and glowy but the formula it comes in don’t not allow you to look as gold as the bottle.  I expected this and was really disappointed.

This stuff is also quite difficult to get out of the glass bottle. I run it under a hot tap in order to get more product out if it goes hard, which isn’t a major problem but for the price you’d think they’d of thought of putting it in a tub? After having this product for 6 months the consistency also became a little lumpy. I didn’t enjoy rubbing the lumpy product on my body.

But this stuff, smells amazing. It’s not a strong perfumed smell, but a smell that reminds me of the beach – kind of hard to put my finger on it. Its a light smell that is not over baring but noticeable. It gives a very slight bronze to my skin which does last all night if I go out (just please don’t put on a white dress straight after applying – let it soak in!) I also love the fact it has so many naraural products in it, as I have sensitive skin. It’s main ingredient is coconut oil which I use on my skin daily anyway. I’ve had this for around 9 months now, which is good although I don’t use it more than once a month.

If you’re looking for something that will give you that inner J Lo Glow then this product may be for you. I have read some good reviews on this, so it must work for some! I would consider using this on holiday to enhance my sun kissed skin and would be ideal for summer nights.

Was it worth £45, probably not but I don’t regret trying it. And I do use it.

I don’t think I’ll repurchase this but I’m glad I tried this out.

So there you go – NARS Body Glow for you.

2 thoughts on “NARS Body Glow”

  1. Great post! The Body shop do a similar product I think it’s around the £15 mark and well worth it, it’s definitely not a self tanner though as you mentioned with this however it does give that highlight effect and lasts as well as not drying up in the bottle which is also definitely a bonus 🙂


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