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How To Spot A Fake Friend

I’ve had my fair share of people in my life that didn’t really want the best for me and were around for the wrong reasons. There are a few red lights and warning signs when it comes to the people you call your ‘friends’. Here a just a few. Please note that all friendships are different, this is just my personal option on the type of friend I would not keep as company.

TYPE1 : The User

The person who’s only around when there’s something in it for them. They want you to drop them here and there, or you have some type of benefit. Otherwise they’re no where to be seen, especially if you need them for once. Users are the worst type in my opinion because there are simply no excuses for them – they’re using you. Plain and simple. You want to know the people around you are not just there to take.

TYPE2 : The Sneak Disser

The friend that always has something bad to say about the way you look, your job, your car etc. The truth is this person feels badly about themselves so they try and bring others down with them. This is not cool and I personally wouldn’t let anyone drag me down with them. Get you some friends that motivate you and tell you that you’re popin’. And remember confidence is the best thing to wear, don’t let anyone make you feel anything but beautiful. The person that must always highlight the negative about you, especially around others. No one likes a negative nancy.

TYPE3 : The Jealous Friend

When you’re doing well, it comes naturally. The friends around you that see you as some sort of competition. They may want you to do well, but never better than them. If they’re a sneak disser, they’re probably a jealous friend too. You should really surround yourself with people who are so focused on bettering themselves rather than focusing on you.

TYPE4 : The Two-Faced Friend

The friend that’s got all the gossip and tea on others but you always see them chilling with those same people. They probably do the same to you. Someone with a running mouth is not someone you can trust. Girls are especially bitchy but you’d be surprised on the amount of boys who bitch too. Quite honestly, if I have a problem with one of my friends I tell them and they’re the only person that needs to know.

In Conclusion …

All in all, although these traits of jealousy, competition, gossip and negative thoughts are found in everyone. Loyalty over rides them all. There’s a way of telling someone that their outfit is not cute without making them feel bad about themselves and healthy competition is good. But keeping good company around you is the most important thing so it’s good to be aware of the bad traits in everyone. 

Hope this helps!

King x

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