Make Your Dreams Become Reality

Everyone has somewhere they see themselves as a person, or financially. Either way nothing you really want comes without hard work. There are a few steps towards making your path and sight clearer ❤️

​​​​​​​​​​1. Stop saying you’ll do it- AND DO IT!
The worst thing is telling others (and even worse yourself) that you’re going to do something or work towards something and you never get it done or even start. If you have a vision of where you want to be in the future, you should be doing everything you can to get there. No pressure- small steps make a mile. Do something every day to work towards where you want to be. It will help your dreams become reachable and give you the confidence that you can do it.


2. Write a list and tick them off

Writing a list really helps me to see – on one page – what I need to do and what I’ve completed. It makes even the biggest of dreams look much clearer. Once I tick off one goal, it gives me more of a push to want to tick off the next. This process defiantly keeps me motivated. Some people stick their yearly goals on their wall and tick them off as they go. Ticking off is a feeling of true satisfaction and is one step closer to your ideal you!


3. Don’t let anyone blur your vision

If you want something in life there shouldn’t be anyone around you that tells you that you can’t, or that your vision is unrealistic or silly. If they do this then you should really evaluate the company you surround yourself with. Friends and family are there to support you on your journey and anyone who stops you or makes you doubt you can reach the top, is not someone you want to keep around.


4. See the opportunity in everything

It’s important that you not only set goals and run at them, but to also keep your options and eyes open to the opportunities around you. I blog, but I also have a full time job. That job includes working with marketing. What more of an opportunity for me than to learn how to market a brand while I’m working on my own brand? It’s amazing how many opportunities you can make for yourself by just talking to the people around you. Networking is key.


5. Believe in yourself

To me, this step is the most important. Your goals start with no one else but yourself. You’re thoughts really do become reality. So if you tell yourself that it’s never going to happen, most probably it won’t. No one wants it as much as you, so relying on others to believe in you is no good. Picture yourself where you want to be every day and believe that this is where you’ll be in due time. Imagine if someone knocked on your door to tried to sell you apples and they don’t seem into the apples themselves. If they tell you that they’re not sure if they’ll taste good, you won buy them. Constantly sell yourself and be proud of what you want to be. I used to be shy about telling people my dreams because they sounded so big and I was afraid people would laugh. But the more I believed that one day it would become reality, it didn’t bother me as much & I wanted to tell the world.

So these are my top tips. The only thing that can stop you is you. 

Let’s get it!

King x



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