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How I Do My Brows – Step By Step

Before I start I’d like to say that I get my eyebrows waved or threaded every month and plan to grow them out soon – although my brows are quite thick and my eyebrow hairs are also long (a blessing and a curse).

Products Used:

Kabrow -Benefit / Sleek Cream Contour Kit / Real Techniques Beauty Blender

Step 1:
Brush your brow hair down first and then up. This helps especially if you have long brow hair.

Step 2: Create your desired brow shape at the bottom of your brow first. Make sure you use your nataural brow shape if you have one.

Step 3: create the rest of your brow shape and fill in any where that looks thin. Be sure to be easy on the left side of the brow and harsher on the right side. It’s important to create the look of hair using light strokes on the left side.

Step 4: Use a cream Concealer to highlight both the top and bottom of the brow. Be careful but don’t worry if you’re a little messy as you can always fix it in the end.

Step 5: Blend the Concealer with a beauty blender. Try not to smudge the Concealer onto your brow but outwards instead.

Step 6: Set your Concealer with powder and fill in any imperfections with your brow pencil/ powder.

So there we have it. My everyday brow routine. I usually do this routine if I’m going to work.

I hope you enjoyed reading !

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