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Positive & Negative Escapes From Reality

Everyone –including you- has personal issues that they deal with on a day to day basis. Everyone has something that has hurt them. Even the richest or the people who seem the happiest have to deal with personal issues on a daily basis; and everyone has different ways of dealing with them.Everyone wants to be loved, feel safe and have some sort of consistency in life.

One thing that people tend to do when their problems become over whelming is find an escape. Sometimes this escape pulls you through the dark and into the light and sometimes it can pull you deeper into the tunnel you’re in.

A negative escape can be particularly dangerous because you feel as if your problems have gone & for that moment, you feel happy. But the REAL problem only gets worse. This is where addiction comes into play. You tend to need that moment of happiness to escape from life’s reality, and you want it more and more as reality get worse and worse.

I can give an example. A lady who’s always wanted a family with a loving husband and 3 kids her whole life but has failed at finding this so far. She finds a quick fix; which is feeling whole when a man is attracted to her. Bear in mind a man’s first attraction is very shallow & is not the love she really wants deep down. So she lives for this feeling and looks for it everywhere. Living for feeling attractive she ends up sleeping with multiple men to get the thrill & short term happiness, lowering her chances of finding a man to marry and give her 3 kids. This solves how she feels for the moment but when she goes home alone, her real problem is still there.

The most common negative escape is drugs. I’m not saying that I’ve never taken drugs because I’ll be open and honest and admit I have. But if you’re living for your next pill, smoke or drug to keep you going, then it’s a dangerous circle to get out of. If life feels bad, so you go out raving every weekend to forget it all, why not find a positive escape that will help your current situation instead of trying to forget it all. Your problems are not going anywhere until you fix them!

There are also positive escapes that can help you forget the bad things. Mine is work. If I work hard enough and stay busy chasing my dreams, it helps me to forget any problems I have. And I’m getting paid for it. Other positive escapes are: exercise, music and reading. These things help you to forget your problems for a while and do not make your problems worse but better you as a person. As long as you allocate time to the most important things in life, there’s nothing wrong with time out to forget the bullshit – you know.

Life is sometimes scary and hits you with things that are not great. I’ve had my fair deal of pain, but you have to keep pushing and make sure you’re doing everything in life to make your situation better. Focus on your happiness. Life is short & it’s important to look after your brain & your wellbeing. Avoiding problems makes them worse.

You should always want the best for yourself and anything that stops you from being the best you can be is a no go! It’s 2017 and it’s the time to focus on a better you.



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