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Things To Do With Kids That Cost Next To No £

As a young mum, I try my best to not be judgemental about other people’s parenting skills. Although I’m very tough on myself when it comes to my daughter, I’d like to think everyone does there upmost to make sure their child gets the best they possibly can.I see parents all the time who seem like they’re struggling with terrible 2’s! I did too. 2 is the age where your child will learn the word ‘no’ and test your patience in every way possible. It’s not easy! 

But there is one thing that helped me the most! To tire her out!

Children who stay in all day in front of the TV or a games console always tend to have so much energy that they don’t know what to do with it. They do anything for attention (including the naughty things) because they’ve lacked social attention for so long. Children need to play with other children, explore and expand their minds. Money doesn’t mean a thing. You can still stimulate a child’s mind without heaps of it! There’s no excuse.

Here are 5 things you can do with your child (that do not cost heaps of money):

1. Creative art.

Grab some old magazines and a prit stick. Obviously supervising their cutting or cutting for them, create a collage of different images. Sweetie wrappers and foil makes it look more colourful and arty. Be sure to make a big fuss of the finished product and put it on the fridge or wall. This will cost you under £5!


2. Let them help make dinner

Kill 2 birds with one stone. Obviously this needs to be heavily supervised but letting your child help to mix and stir can be really stimulating and fun. Reminding them that they made the food will also get them to eat it. BONUS!


3. Go to soft play

This costs £5-£10, depending on the area but boy does it let your child let of steam. Whatever the weather this is basically a kid heaven where they can slide, throw, jump, role and make friends all in one place and the best part is you can sit down with a coffee and let them run free.


4. Go swimming

Teaching your kids this lifelong lesson is something you can’t regret. And they love it! Although this is something that can’t be unsupervised, it’s actually fun to play around with your little one in the water and its good bonding time. You child is bound to be hungry and tired after a swim sesh.


5. The good old park

On a sunny day what’s better than to let your child play outside; explore and make friends? Nothing. Plus you get to soak up some sun and fresh air yourself. You can even brig friend and have a picnic or mini BBQ. And its free and not going anywhere.

So there goes. Hopefully this gives someone the motivation to get out there.

I hope you enjoyed reading!

K xxx

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