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Smashbox ‑ Photo Finish Radiance Primer Review 

Smash box are very well known for their beautiful ranges of primers so when I saw this one I was interested to see what it had to offer as it doesn’t look like your usual smash box primer. Smash box created this to give you the golden glow that you see in photo shoots. 

This retails for £30 so it’s a higher end primer but it’s a pretty big tub so it’s worth the money.

First off, the packaging is beautiful and sleek. It comes in a square glass tub – so pretty! It looks very expensive but if you wanted to take this traveling with you I’d say it’s a little chunky. Something you may keep with your makeup collection at home.

It’s a pearly golden colour but do not let this scare you away if you have fair skin as it can still work for you. Just make sure to blend properly.

I would say the consistency is a little heavier and moisturising than the usual smash box primer but still feels extra silky and soft as usual. Illuminaters tend to bring out your pores so I was excited to use a illuminating primer as primers are meant to minimise pores. Surprisingly it made my skin look smooth and healthy. I would acctually use this product alone without foundation because it makes my skin look so healthy. 

A lot of ‘radiance’ products just tend to be oily and for someone with combination skin that’s a no-go for me. It really does live up to its name and gives me a real non oily glow. 

So overall this primer is a 5 star product. My pores look non existent and it’s really brings my skin to life under my foundation. 

Although this will last me ages I would buy again if it ran out. I think smashbox did a good job with the new packaging and such a beautiful product. Beautiful.

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