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Swim Classy #SelfLove Story

I believe social media plays a big part in how we look at ourselves as women. Looking back at music videos 10 years ago, you wouldn’t find a plastic butt in sight, the women were more natural. Now, all well-known women either have a tiny waist a ridiculous butt and big boobs or are a very slim model size 4. This is so unrealistic. What are we teaching our young women of the world?

Growing up I was always slim. When I say slim I mean skinny. No bum, hardly any chest. Going to school with females who I could see transforming into beautiful curvy women was painful. I would always get comments such as ‘you’re so skinny’ and whether people meant it in a good or bad way – I hated it! At the age of 19 I was a size 6-8. I would look at women like Beyoncé or JLo and wish I was as womanly as them. Seeing so many women get plastic surgery for the curves and watching YouTube videos of women who used creams and supplements in order to get the look was addictive. And I even tried them myself. Can you imagine I wrapped my bottom in fish oil and cling film every day for a week to see if it works. Never mind the curves but the smell! I have to look back and laugh.

But guess what. I did put on weight. Getting onto the age of 20-21, I put on a ridiculous amount of weight reaching a size 10-12. Some people say it’s because I’m now in a happy relationship. Although this is true, I think it was due to my change of job where I sit down most of the day. A lot of you will agree that this is a healthy weight, but for me it was a shock. I didn’t know how to dress myself – partly because none of my clothes fit. My face looked different and I was unhappy. All I heard was ‘omg you’ve put on weight’. And all I could do was smile and say I know.

Me 5 years ago:

Me 2017:

So of course we women always want what we don’t have. You have straight hair? You want your hair to be thicker. You have curly hair? You want your hair to be straight and easier to manage. You can’t win.

So where am I today?

I love myself.

I’ve learnt to love my new curves and dress perfectly for my size. Although I’m still trying to loose a little bit of weight I’ve accepted myself how I am now and I’ve grown to love excesize.

As some of you may know I have teamed up with Swim Classy who provides bomb ass swimsuits. My favourite thing about Swim Classy is that they promote self-love. None of their promoted pictures are edited. They show rawness and I love that! I really believe that beautiful starts with YOU. Confidence is something that makes you attractive whether you’re bigger or smaller, round or tall. Work it girl. If you know you’re beautiful it makes it believable. I really believe society needs to get rid of this need for ‘perfection.’

So in the next few months I will be working with SwimClassy to show girls of all sizes that they should be proud of what they have. Expect cute ass swimsuite pictures.

I already have a discount code for you girls. Use code: KINGKAY for a big 25% off at check out. Their swim suits are a great quality and I highly reccomend them. Make summer 17 a big one.

Happy shopping girls ..

And remember self love is beautiful.

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