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Bare Minerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lip-gloss

This new, gorgeous range of lip-gloss’ from Bare Minerals is my new go to.

They’re offering a plumping, moisturising product that comes in a range of shades for all skin tones that takes nude to the next stage.

This medium coverage gloss offers a plumping effect without the tingle and offers a balm like formula that isn’t too sticky. I love the vanilla scent and don’t have to continuously apply this through out the day.

I was actually at a Smashbox stand when the lady recommended this to me which is a shock because usually people who work for a brand will only recommend their own brand. This gave me the push for purchase as I wasn’t really in need for any new lip products.

My first impressions on the product were that you get a whole lot of product for the price, meaning this will last me a long time. The formula is extremely thick. This is a positive as it means it will not bleed to move around much on your lips. I love the applicator and I can tell a lot of thought went into the packaging of this gloss. I wear this over a lipstick but also looks super pretty alone. I really love lip-glosses that make my lips pop so this was a pro for me. Lip gloss popin’ and all of those good things 😉

Although I loved this gloss, there are a few negatives I’d like everyone to consider before purchasing. Although this gloss doesn’t feel sticky on my lips, my hair wouldn’t stop sticking to it. I found this annoying, although what more can you expect from a lip-gloss? Also, if you’re someone who drinks loads of water during the day this will make your water bottle pink/nude and glossy which isn’t nice. But again, what more can you expect from a lip gloss.

For people who do not like strongly scented products, the scene may be a little over powering as when I first applied it, I did smell it quite strongly for around 30 minutes.

So as far as lip-glosses go, I LOVE this.

9/10 product and will repurchase!

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