Finding Inner Peace 

Inner peace (or peace of mind) refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors.

I used to think that inner peace could not possibly live in someone’s life such as mine. There’s always something pulling on my emotions, or something I have to deal with and get through. I thought of myself being pulled through the ups and downs as a negative. But it wasn’t. We all need to hurt, grow and feel emotion to be alive right? If we were always happy we wouldn’t appreciate it!

We are programmed with so many beliefs that we never stop to question… “Is feeling sad a bad thing?” Who says so? A little voice in your head. Because this is what you’ve been programmed to believe.

The truth is, it’s not! It’s not the feeling of being sad that robs you of your peace, it’s the little voice in your head that tells you that something is wrong. Little did I know that I could experience happiness & sadness while still remaining completely at peace.

Finding peace is not about changing your thoughts, feelings or emotions but rather changing the relationship you have with your mind. When you learn to say yes to every experience and allow everything to be as it is – we then encounter inner peace. There is only so much we can affect. What we cannot change or influence should not concern us. Why worry about something that all the worrying in the world cannot change?

Thinking outwardly and caring about others always helps me to remind myself that my problems are not really problems. If you think about a tsunami or earthquake killing hundreds of people on the other side of the world, your problems seem a little smaller. Looking beyond yourself is very important in finding peace. You will never find peace in being self-consumed and only worrying about your own needs and wants. There is wisdom in thinking and caring about others, which we are blind to when we are deep in our selfish ways.

Although thinking outwardly helps. It’s never healthy to fascinate over other people’s lives too much. You cannot compare one persons step 10 to your step 3. It’s very unhealthy to watch other people’s life more than your own – which means putting down the social media sometimes. Read a book. Live for you and live for now.

Meditation is key! Having time during the day so empty your thoughts and relax is healthy for your mind. Even if it’s 20 minutes a day, every little helps. I’m still learning to meditate as I have a extremely busy mind. I’m a workaholic so I find it hard to stop and breathe sometimes!

So all in all, inner peace starts within you. No matter where you are in life or around the world, you can achieve it. And of course it gets hard. I’m still on my journey to inner peace, and I get closer every day!

I wish you all inner peace and happiness.

King Kaylar


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