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Why Women Run The World

Women and men are different. That’s a fact. The way we think, the way we feel and the way we look. For a long time in history now, we have been told that we as women are the weaker sex. We are told that we don’t deserve to have a say in important conversations and that we cannot be anything too important. To let the male take the lead – while we follow.

But maybe we were told this to stop us knowing our full power.

Women are generally more in touch with their feelings – which I think is a beautiful thing. We are more sensitive to positive and negative energy and feel everything so deeply. In this day and age our emotions are said to make us weak. But in fact, I think it makes us stronger for being able to show how we feel. It is also much healthier to express your feelings rather than holding them in.

In my honest opinion I find men quite simple minded. Food. Sleep. Eat. Money. Sex. That’s all they think about. How I would hate to be a man.

Although men are made out to be he physically stronger genre, I cannot imagine they could deal with the stress of child birth or periods… I mean could you bleed out of your penis for 4 days? Cum’on. Our pain tolerance is amazing!

And most of all a woman’s love is indescribable. And overall I think a woman’s undivided and unconditional love they have for their children is inspiring. Even the love we have for our partners is incredible. We are forgiving & open, and I think we’re overlooked. Women are blessed with the gift of brining life into the world. This single-handedly shows the immense strength women have.


There are slightly more women in the world than men, but in the work force, the higher you go, the fewer women you see. The higher positions are generally given to men… SO in a literal way, men rule the world. And this would off made sense a thousand years ago when physical strength meant you’re more likely to survive and lead. But in today’s age you need to be creative, innovative in order to lead.

Men are generally put on a pedestal, and in 2017 were still sometimes seen as the role that stays at home and just cooks and cleans. In today’s world, it’s totally normal for the woman to have a steady career and take care of her kids all alone. It is not typical to see a man taking up this responsibility.


I really think as were evolving and moving forward in time, women are becoming more confident to do and say what we want when we want, and our full potential is really starting to show. We are strong, open creatures who deserve not to be overlooked.

I would never say I’m feminist. I don’t hate bras, shaving or men. But I do think were beautiful creators and healers who are not appreciated enough. And I really think us women should come together and believe in each other instead of seeing each other as enemies… Seen as we usually become enemies because of men.

I also think men should start uplifting women too. Your mother and sisters are women. And you may be or may one day be the father to a woman. So I see no reason why the support wouldn’t be there from men too.

Who run the world?


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