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The Art Of Not Giving a Fuck

Every time something has hurt me, embarrassed me or made me feel angry, is because I cared about it. And to care is not a bad thing. To have any emotion is not a negative thing, but to let anything consume you is.

As soon as you learn that some things in life are just not your business, the better. Other people’s opinion is not something that should concern you unless it’s your parents or children. As soon as you realise everyone’s problem with you is really a problem with themselves – you learn to react differently.

I used to have the worst temper. If anyone was to disrespect me I’d hit them. And that wasn’t because I liked to hurt people physically… But because I was scared of anyone taking me for a fool. I didn’t want anyone to walk all over me. The problem was within me.

Any normal person would take the fact that I wanted to punch them dead in the face personally. But if they were in the right state of mind – they’d feel sorry for me. For the fact I had to use my fists to be stronger or to ‘win’.

You know, other peoples problems don’t have to be your problem especially if they’re trying to effect you negatively. Basically, sometimes its best to just….

Kim K - middle finger.gif

…. an walk away.

I also think its highly important to be the most pure form of you at all times and not try to please anyone because you care what they think. You were made to be different from the person sitting next to you for a reason. And if they don’t like who you are please see the above GIF once again. NOT YOUR PROBLEM!

Even success comes from not giving a fuck sometimes. I’ve had many ‘I don’t care’ moments that has landed me in the right spot. Leaving the job you hate because you don’t give a fuck, telling the bully at school to f off because you don’t give a fuck, selling your stuff and moving to Spain because you don’t give fuck… How many times have I said the F word now?

I’m not advising anyone to pretend that they don’t care when they really do deep down. That can cause emotional problems for yourself in the future, but some people are not worth the energy, especially – as I said before – if the problem really lays within them.

Mostly, I’d just like to say that most of us carry our day to day duties caring way too much. The rude lady in Maccy D’s, the TV programme you missed yesterday, you left your headphones at home or your colleague who didn’t ask how your weekend went. Make your life a lot easier and decide that you don’t care πŸ™‚

Developing the ability to control and manage the fucks you give is something you must learn in order to live a happier life. It sounds oh so very easy… But its not. We all get pulled into life’s ups, down and bumps.

Not caring doesn’t mean being indifferent and becoming a couch potato or a internet troll…  Because  in fact it’s these people that surprisingly care too much.

But it means being comfortable with being different.

And that – is something I am proud to say I am.

King Kaylar x



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