How to ‘Work Your Way Up’ In the Corporate World

For some people education is not their thing. I’ve always been very academic. I was in the top classes at school & received fairly good grades in my GCSE’s. 1 A, 5 B’s and 4 C’s To be exact. But I dropped out of college. Due to the fact my mum had recently kicked me out of home, I had just had a baby and was in a very abusive relationship, it was all too much for me to take on. That’s something I’ve never been proud of, but I think it all happened for a good reason.

I’ve always been the person to be grateful and thankful for my current situation but always want more for myself and my loved ones. I knew that without a degree or A Levels I would have to get a job and work extra hard. I think that’s what people don’t understand… you have to do the bad jobs, well before you can do the good jobs. You can never expect anything to be handed to you & you have to prove yourself.

My first job was in Mac Donald’s. I personally didn’t even mind it. Besides the fact I was constantly worried about people seeing me in my uniform, the job role was quite easy to manage. The customers were sometimes rude, but I actually found it funny how stressed people can get over a Big Mac. The fact I knew that working in Mac Donald’s wasn’t going to be forever motivated me even more. Mostly I knew I had to do this for my daughter.


After 6 months at Mac Donald’s I had had enough and was ready to move on. With my customer service experience I applied for any job that needed these skills. Applying for jobs and interviewing is a lengthy and tiring experience. I personally hate it. But you have to do it and you have to be persistent. In the end I got a job at Premier Inn. It only paid £2 extra an hour but I was sure the skills I would learn there would be beneficial. My personal experience working here was really bad. The hotel was badly run, the team leaders were tired and over worked and the standards were very low. The only positive was the people. I met amazing people there who will be friends for life.

Although I considered working my way up in premier inn, the working conditions became unbearable. It got to a place where we were not even aloud a drink from the bar during our shift. The managers were handing out letters of concern left right and centre to everyone and I just felt like I didn’t belong in that atmosphere.

So again I applied & found myself a receptionist job in a head office. Although I was paid the least in the whole office, I had the worst jobs like making tea and coffee for guests & tidying meeting rooms. My desk was next to the CEO’s office and I had a massive opportunity to learn. Every extra job I had the capacity to take on, I did. I was always polite, well dressed and had respect. And mostly on time! Working with Directors gave me the experience of being around the right people and to pick up the right habits. Within 5 months of work I received a 15% pay increase for the extra duties I had been doing… Within a year, I was promoted and my pay almost doubled. My business mind saw opportunity before my manager did.

This was all because I worked hard. No one wants to go to work. And that’s why we’re
paid for it! I don’t think anyone would work for free. Well I wouldn’t anyway. So, while
you’re there you should push yourself to the best of your ability. As I said, be prepared
for hard work and do the dirty work for people at first. No one gets a highly-paid job
straight away – especially without the relevant qualifications. Nothing was ever handed to me, my parents are not rich & everything I own, I brought it with my own money.
I started in MacDonalds and now earn a higher than average salary.
If I can do it then so can you!

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