Benefit – Watts Up Highlighter Review

This is a highlighter I’ve used for almost two years now. It’s famously used by Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist to highlight her cheek bones and I must say, it’s a product I always go back too. As a cream highlighter this is a must have if you like your highlight to be subtle but still cute.

Everyone knows a good cream highlighter under a powder highlighter works and lasts all day, although I actually like this highlighter alone also. Especially for the tip of my nose! I think using a cream highlight for your nose gives it a lot more definition and control over a powder based product.

The beautiful golden champagne product also works great as a brow bone highlight and looks amazing as an inner eye highlight for smokey eye looks. It lasts ALL day and the product itself has lasted me 2 years.

My only con is that you have to put in a lot of work to get this product blended correctly and I personally don’t like the blender it comes with at the bottom. The blender provided is stiff and only leaves marks on the applied product. A lot of people love the blender so maybe I’m just not using it correctly. Comment below for suggestions. I use my finger tips to blend this. Like most highlighters, this product doesn’t exactly minimise your pores, but the same goes for all highlighters I’ve tried – so that’s not really a con. 

I love this as part of my makeup bag. It gives a sleek champagne pop and it was well worth the money. Beautiful packaging, beautiful product.

It’s always great to have a great cream highlighter around!














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