Kylie Cosmetics – KOKO K Gloss & X-Rated Blush Review

Hi guys,

So this is my first purchase from Kylie Cosmetics. I wasn’t too excited about the brand after trying her lip kits and personally finding them quite drying, but I decided to give KC another shot. This took 2 weeks to get to London, which is a long time for me to wait, I’m used to a 5 day max waiting time. Was it worth the wait is the question?

One of the favourite blushes from her is the X-Rated blush. I would say its a peachy colour and gives a sheer, matte finish. The fact that this product is not very pigmented doesn’t really bother me as I personally don’t like heavy blushes on my skin tone. I’m more of a bronzer girl. It adds light colour to the skin and still looks really pretty. Plus its buildable. As with all Kylie Cosmetic products, the packaging is to die for. It looks so pretty I’d rather eat it than use it but then again I wouldn’t be able to review it for you. I like the fact she’s added a mirror to this product. You cant go wrong with a new mirror in your purse. Perfect blush for spring & it’s Kylie’s favourite too. I’ll give it 4/5 stars. I’m not obsessed but its still a really nice blush and applies really well. Retails 20 dollars.

The second product I picked up was the KoKo K Gloss. I picked this simply because I’m really looking to up my lip product game. So many of my lipsticks and lip glosses have run out on me at the same time. You have no idea how annoying… But this lip gloss is to DIE FOR. I am so pleasantly surprised with this! It has a strong vanilla scent which I really don’t mind because who doesn’t want to smell yummy? If you don’t like strong scents on your lips, this may not be for you. On a brighter side, for a gloss, this is extra pigmented. It makes my lips pop! It lasts a really long time on my lips and even after it wears off, it still leaves the colour on my lips which I really like. This is a good product and I highly recommend this to add a pop to your favourite lip combo. As you can see by the swatch below, its a thick formula, but I have to admit, it’s very kylie! Retails 15 dollars, which I must admit is amazing for the price. 5/5 stars from me. King Kaylar approved!


Overall, I think Kylie Cosmetics have really upped their game since their first lip kits came out. I love the fact she’s put a lot of money back into her own company. It shows a real passion for what she does and it really does show in her most recent products.

You go Kylie!

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