NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – Full Review

Hi Kings,

I’m back with another makeup review for you! Oh how I’ve missed makeup reviews.

The NARS concealer is a product I have used on and off over the space of about a year now, so its only right I give a full review of the product. This product has been hyped by many beauty guru’s around the world… And I wanted to give a full review of a product on which I haven’t been paid to do so!

The packaging is as simple as most of the NARS packaging is. Black boxed with white writing. What you see is what you get. The concealer is in a long glass tube with a matte black applicator which states ‘NARS’ & you can find the colour of the product on the bottom of the product. This concealer uses a doe foot applicator which is very easy on the skin.

The consistency of this concealer is very creamy which means it’s thicker than most water based products I’ve used. This also means its easily bendable. I usually use a beauty blender for this product after applying it under my eyes. I would recommend using this under something moisturising as using this on top or under something matte may make it look a little patchy. I recommend using this as an under eye concealer on top of a moisturising foundation.

The below pictures show the Concealer both applied with and without blending:

It’s staying power? I would rate it a 8 considering it has a very skin-like finish. I’ve tried concealers that last a lot longer like the MAC Studio Fix Concealer, although this is quite a heavy concealer which covers almost everything. It starts to wear away after the 8 hour mark, which is acceptable for a product that makes it look like you didn’t have a blemish in the first place & your skin is flawless.

The coverage is almost full, but buildable. This product defiantly helps with any redness but you may have to build a little for any darker blemishes. I generally use this for my under eyes and use a thicker concealer for any blemishes.

I’m still on the hunt for a concealer that I am to die for as I’m quite picky but this is the closest I’ve gotten to it! Its easy to use, bendable, buildable and worth every penny of my £22. I must admit, this concealer looks very pretty on the skin and I recommend it to all skin types if you’re looking for a new go to concealer.

5 stars. My go to 💕


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