Palmers Skin Success Cleanser

Hey loves,

As you already know I love make up. But what’s more important than a flawless full coverage look? Of course, my skin. I will be honest with you, I get very lazy when it comes to skin care. After a long day, doing a 30 minute skin care routine is not something I get excited to do. Wet wipes and a good old face wash in the shower seemed to have worked just fine for me. But I still felt like I had makeup and dirt in my skin afterwards.

I found this product at my local hair shop… It cost me Β£3.50 and I would honestly pay Β£20 for a bottle of this stuff. It’s bomb guys. My face has been so clear since I’ve used it & my face feels so clean! My pores feel purified and tightened & I feel like it gives my face a perfect canvas ready for moisturiser. I have never been so happy with a skin care purchase before. I’ve gone 2 days with no makeup now simply because I don’t feel like I need it right now. And that says a lot for a cake face like me.

I was first thrown off by its strong alcoholic smell as I have quite sensitive skin, but it’s had no negative effect on my skin at all. I would recommend patch testing this if you feel like you may have a bad reaction. I use a cotton pad and just simply wipe it all over my face… It’s crazy how much dirt is still in your skin after washing with face wash. I you think your face is clean after wet wipes or washing it, you’re wrong! If you dislike strong smells, you may want to give this a miss because it does smell like nail polish remover, although I put up with the smell for the simple fact that it’s amazing.

My overall complexion has cleared up after using this and I defo highly recommend this!

Most of you will be able to find this at your local hair shop, but you can also purchase online

Its cheap and it works. What else could you want?

Palmers has really surprised me with this.

King Kaylar approved ❀

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