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Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation Review

Hi loves,

As you know I love a flawless skin look so I’m constantly on the lookout for the perfect foundation. I invested in the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating foundation (could the name be any longer) after hearing so many mixed reviews about the product… I thought it would be fun to review for you guys.

The packaging is quite plain and what’s expected of a foundation, glass bottle, black writing and features, although it does come with a pump which is my first pro. It annoys me so much when I pay over £25 for a foundation and it doesn’t come with a pump. I mean it’s the bare minimum expected. This foundation comes in 22 shades but please don’t order online like I do – their shades tend to be a little on the orange side and nothing like what they look like on the website. I’m shade 3.2 which is a little darker than my skin tone but closest to my actual colour.


The foundation is very hydrating and moisturising which I love about this foundation as hydrating reads as ‘not very long wearing’ to me. This isn’t the case for this foundation, its lasted me 9 hours at its longest. It claims 15 hours but I don’t think I’ve ever worn my makeup for that long so at least I know I will never have to re-apply it!

It also claims the be a medium to buildable coverage. I would say this is a medium coverage and is buildable but will never be a full coverage foundation. I know a full coverage foundation when I see one and this hunny, is not one. You must apply a lot to get a good coverage. This comes hand in hand with the fact that it feels very light weight on my skin and doesn’t make me feel cakey. It’s also very easy to apply and I’ve had no problems with blending this product or making it work with my other products (concealers, powders).

It doesn’t seem to irritate or annoy my skin at all. I don’t get shiny or sweaty during the day and I haven’t noticed this foundation clinging to any dry patches. So, so far so good.

My one and only con is that it makes my pores look bigger. When I first applied this, it looked fine, but as the day went on I realised that the pores around my cheek area were starting to show. I don’t have exceptionally big pores so I hope a good primer will fix this problem because this is probably my new everyday foundation now as I don’t like anything to heavy at work. Quite honestly, it lasts 15 hours but doesn’t look as amazing as the day goes by. I think taking as this is a Smashbox foundation, I will try with my Smashbox primer.

It’s very hard to find a hydrating, long lasting foundation & although this foundation is all of those things, the hydrating/oily substance makes it seep into pores and fine lines after time.

Over all this is a demi matte, hydrating & long lasting foundation, but does need touch ups if you want this to look flawless all day. It will be used for everyday use but not for a night out. This is my new every day foundation.

King Kaylar approved 9/10!

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