Read This If You’re Going Through A Break Up

Break ups are something everyone has to go through in life – especially in your younger years. Going through heart break and having to pick up the pieces after is something that will make you stronger & although it can steal your smile in the short-term, it can build you up and teach you lessons in the long-term.

Our minds work in mysterious ways. When you’re wrapped up in the existence of someone, it becomes all you see. So, when they’re gone, you feel as if you’ve lost everything. We forget about the things that made us happy before we had a relationship. And that’s simply why you need to remember. If you had happiness before this person, you can have happiness now they’re gone again.

It always feels as if you’ve lost a piece of yourself during or after a break up, so consider it a blessing that you can now rediscover new or old parts of yourself, and become a whole person again.


Always remember the following 3 things when dealing with a break up:

1. Break ups happen for a reason 

No matter who broke up with who, you were both probably unhappy. It’s always easier to hold onto a bad relationship than move on from someone you invested your time into. But as one door closes another always opens. And that’s not to mean you’re ready for a new relationship straight away. But you’re defiantly ready to focus your energy on something positive.


2. Find a balance of busy and wallowing 

Its ok to be sad. Look at photos, cry, sing break up songs in the beginning. But it’s important to lift yourself up and make sure you spend time with friends and family doing what you love. All that extra time you have can be spent being even more amazing than you are already. Do whatever it takes to lift your self-esteem back up. Go to the gym, meditate, go out with the girls/boys.


3. Don’t use someone else as a rebound

It might be tempting to download Tinder again or even speak to the 10 people who you’ve ignored in the last year. But it won’t make you feel better in the long run. Having a one night stand after a break up will only remind you why you really liked your ex and make you feel worse. Plus, it’s unfair on the person you’re using as a rebound. Rebounds are a no go.


Remind yourself that you’re ok. You were ok before the relationship ever happened. Not knowing what the future looks like is exciting – not scary. Break ups feel the end of the world, but really, they’re just the beginning of a whole new one. So recreate you! Its time to put yourself first.


Stay strong loves!

King Kaylar x

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