Benefits 3 Most Loved Products – Worth The Hype?

Benefit is one of the most popular makeup company’s in the world. Their products are loved for the fun packaging, quirky product names & good quality products. The three products below are their most popular products. But are they worth the hype? I put them to the test just for you guys!
They’re Real – Beyond Mascara

I’m usually not a lash extension girl so mascara is extremely important to me. If I could have one product forever I think it would be mascara. In my opinion, I wouldn’t say this mascara gives the most intense impact on my lashes. 

It’s wand evenly applied product on my lashes and makes them look naturaly longer. It lengthen’s my lashes more than thickens them which I like for the everyday look as clumpy mascara is not a look for me. The brush is good for evenly separating my lashes but I found myself applying 3 coats before I got my desired look. I found this a nightmare to remove at the end of the day but at least I know it won’t budge during the day.

I like this mascara but I really feel like for Β£20 I could buy 2 drug store mascara’s that may do the same or even a better job! This is probably a really unpopular opinion but I did promise honesty. This is probably a unpopular opinion but I don’t think I’ll rebuy if it runs out. I rate this a 7/10.

Benefit b.right It’s Potent! Eye Cream

I unfortunately have dark under eye circles so having this cream really made a difference to how my makeup looked overall. It’s not too oily but really moisturises my under eyes and leaves me feeling fresh before my next make up step. This is a pretty sturdy eye cream and I’d definitely buy again. This really makes a difference to the overall appearance of my makeup.

This product is loved world wide along side with thier popular face cream. I’d really love benefit to invest into their skin care line more. I’d be all here for it! I’m going to repurchase – 10/10!

Porefessional Primer

This primer is a holly grail to so many beauty gurus and makeup artists. I’m not a primer person – shoot me now, but I usually apply my foundation after moisturiser and my makeup lasts a good while. I only apply primer if I’m going somewhere special. This primer is a silicone primer and that screams blocked pores to me so I was almost scared to use it.

Overall, this primer makes my makeup stay all day and does what it says on the tin. Definitely one of my favourite Benefit products of all time. It doesn’t block my pores and creates an amazing base for my makeup. Highly recommended but just like foundation, it’s not for everyday! I will repurchase and I rate it 8/10!

That’s all for now kings πŸ‘‘

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