Palmers Skin Success Cleanser

Hey loves, As you already know I love make up. But what's more important than a flawless full coverage look? Of course, my skin. I will be honest with you, I get very lazy when it comes to skin care. After a long day, doing a 30 minute skin care routine is not something I… Continue reading Palmers Skin Success Cleanser


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – Full Review

Hi Kings, I'm back with another makeup review for you! Oh how I've missed makeup reviews. The NARS concealer is a product I have used on and off over the space of about a year now, so its only right I give a full review of the product. This product has been hyped by many… Continue reading NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – Full Review


Kylie Cosmetics – KOKO K Gloss & X-Rated Blush Review

Hi guys, So this is my first purchase from Kylie Cosmetics. I wasn't too excited about the brand after trying her lip kits and personally finding them quite drying, but I decided to give KC another shot. This took 2 weeks to get to London, which is a long time for me to wait, I'm used… Continue reading Kylie Cosmetics – KOKO K Gloss & X-Rated Blush Review


Benefit – Watts Up Highlighter Review

This is a highlighter I've used for almost two years now. It's famously used by Kim Kardashian's makeup artist to highlight her cheek bones and I must say, it's a product I always go back too. As a cream highlighter this is a must have if you like your highlight to be subtle but still… Continue reading Benefit – Watts Up Highlighter Review

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My Experience With Social Anxiety

Growing up in secondary school, I was the life of every conversation. I hardly thought before I spoke and I didn’t care about the consequences of my words. I was a care free child. I could fit into any social environment with no problems at all. In the last three years, I saw a major… Continue reading My Experience With Social Anxiety